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Consolidated Operations Group, Inc. (COG) is a a multi-disciplined business process outsourcing company that delivers effective change management, E-processing, strategic planning, profit enhancement, and value creation to discerning professional service firms. COG’s solutions, insights, and innovative strategies have contributed to increased efficiency and boosted financial performance within their clients’ organizations. COG believes in candid people with a common vision that enthusiastically work together toward a shared goal (i.e., people, plans & processes). COG states that “back office” service & processing centers are becoming larger and that standardized operational processes are taking advantage of the Internet. “The web based software on the market today aids in management-communication/decision making by providing powerful and instantaneous reporting to end users. The Internet allows businesses to operate in in a non-conventional and virtual environment by integrating off-site data entry and access to up loadable data such as bank transactions, corporate credit cards, plotting logs, overnight messenger services, payroll, employee benefits, on-line policy manuals, etc. The old days of having to provide office space for administrative staff are rapidly being replaced by “Virtual Workers”. COG is at the forefront of this paradigm shift.”



COG provides Virtual Back Office Solutions that help you